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01 November 2005


Kristen E. Sukalac

Lynann Bradbury's comments are very intimidating! I don't even have time to read all of the e-mail I receive. Where am I supposed to find time to go looking for more stuff to read?

As the Head of Information and Communications for the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), these are just some of the roles I have:
* Supervising all of our communications infrastructure
* Being the official language authority (I am the only native English speaker on staff)
* Drafting the majority of articles and reports published under the Director General's name
* Membber communications
* Monitoring relevant international policy developments and making sure the right policy expert is in the loop
* Managing relations with relevant policy fora and intervening on policy discussions as relevant
* Internal consultancy regarding the communications carried out by my colleagues
* Fostering coordination and exchange among the other associations and research institutes in our membership

Maybe big organizations can afford to have someone check blogs daily or even hourly, but that's just not an option for us.

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